True Health

Is a harmonious balance of body, soul, and spirit.

There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps.

What does health mean to you?

Perfect blood tests?

More energy?

More strength?

Better exercise tolerance?

A different body weight and shape?

A nutrition plan you believe in and follow?

Mental clarity and sharp focus?

A good night’s sleep?

Is there more to consider?

We need a physically healthy body, no doubt. But, is there more to consider?

A deep spiritual life?

Healthy relationships?

Personal growth and learning?

Contribution to the world around you?


Emotional steadiness?

Small changes eventually add up to huge results.

An Introduction to Integrative Health Coaching

As a client of Take a Step Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching, you can expect:

  • Your coach to facilitate your personal growth in a structured and supportive partnership.
  • Your coach to help you identify obstacles to change, and to create strategies for measurable and sustainable progress.
  • To be provided resources, if needed, to assist you in making healthy behavior change.
  • Sessions to accommodate your busy schedule through online or telephone conferencing.
  • Single sessions are available upon request, to help you test the concept of health coaching.
  • To create and then monitor a program for making lasting change typically involves 5-6 sessions over a two month period

Your Integrative Health And Wellness Coach

The Duke Wheel of Health

Lisa Henke, NBA-HWC*

Hi, I’m Lisa Henke. I love supporting those who seek optimal health, especially those who feel overwhelmed by the complexity of recommendations, and the daunting nature of the task before them. If you already made the bold decision to no longer settle for your status quo, you have taken the first, and most important, step.

My expertise is to help you design the next steps, those that will bring about lasting change. I will help you clarify your objectives, create your own sustainable plans, and create personalized strategies to predict AND overcome limiting barriers to progress.

I come to this work naturally. My initial diagnosis of breast cancer at age 44 (I am a three-time survivor) sparked my passion for uncovering the truth about why we age poorly and succumb to disease.

Attending the Duke University Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching program was a major turning point. Before, my thirst for knowledge was deeply personal. For years, I reached out my friends and family to help them overcome health issues. But I was often frustrated. Most people did not change. What I didn’t understand is this: knowledge is NOT ENOUGH.

Duke taught me that with knowledge must come STRATEGY for change.

I learned that true wellness requires attention to every aspect of your health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, relationships, your physical environment, and spirituality.

I learned that the single cause/single cure strategy for disease rarely works. The human body is complex and incredibly designed, with each part supporting AND impacting the rest.

Duke graduates are prepared to lead the frustrated health-seeker with a results-driven and research-backed process that works. The process is highly personalized and is never single-issue focused.

I am grateful for the intense training I received at Duke that allowed me to sit for national certification AND pass! I now coach men and women in every age bracket and look forward to serving your needs.

To your health, Lisa

*National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Through the coaching process with Lisa Henke, I learned so much about myself that helped me improve my functioning despite the workload of school and family. I focused on developing better organization and structure in my hectic life. I will clearly benefit from the strategies for success that resulted from the coaching series.


21-year old Nursing Student

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